Does the floor in your home sag or feel weak?

Basements and crawl spaces can begin to sag and weaken for numerous reasons, including sinking support posts, rot-weakened support beams, and a poorly designed support system that includes too few support posts to properly bear the weight of the home.

A sinking basement or crawl space means a sagging, uneven floor above. Over time, doors may begin to stick or jam, the floor may begin to feel “springy” underfoot, and cracks will form in drywall.

How are damaged structural supports repaired?

Additional supports should be installed to ensure that your structure is properly stabilized.

However, no matter how many supports you add, if your wood is severely rotten or weakened by insect damage, it’s likely that it’s not strong enough to bear the weight of your home.

Mold and rot should be addressed by installing a vapor barrier and removing excess moisture from the space. While sealing the crawl space and dehumidifying the area will slow or stop the damage to your wood, what’s done is done. Some wood may need replacement, while other wood may be reinforced with a sister beam.

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