Does your basement have signs of water penetration?

A wet basement may be a sign that it’s time to explore the internal drainage system or French drain option.

Fixing basement leaks from outside is often not an option due to a wide variety of limitations which would prevent excavation. Examples of these include additions, decks, covered porches, garages, sun rooms, pools, expensive landscaping, neighbors, the structural integrity of the foundation, and your repair budget. These can all limit your options or prevent you from waterproofing your basement from the outside of your home.

How to stop water from causing problems in your basement.

The internal subfloor drainage system, more commonly called a “French drain”, is a good alternative for weeping tile replacement or outside waterproofing. This drainage system is installed under the floor and along the edge of the foundation walls. If water were to pass through the foundation wall, or otherwise develop under the house, this system will keep the basement dry and is considered a permanent solution to a wet basement.

In many applications, the internal drainage system has greater success than outside waterproofing solutions due to a variety of limitations with outside repairs. By creating a path of least resistance and directing the water under the floor into the ground or by routing the system to a sump pump, the basement is unlikely to be wet again.

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